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Secret Vienna - uncover the hidden gems of our beautiful city. Vienna has so much to offer apart from what you can find in the travel guide. There are so many secret sides and stories in this city. And with Secret Vienna you can uncover them. So today Sagi Silbershatz, CEO of Secret Vienna will tell you more about his company and its offer. And in addition, the team of Secret Vienna will share its insights with you here in the blog.

But maybe it is also not Sagi himself writing, who knows? This might be another secret to be uncovered. For now, let's say it is Sagi telling you more about Secret Vienna, how it all began and how you can uncover Vienna's secrets. 

Shortly introduce your company…

Secret Vienna is a tourism company devoted to the discovery of Vienna’s hidden gems in an entertaining and educational way. What started as a blog out of a pure passion for this cultural capital, became a large explorers’ community.

Our services include tours and experiences, a book, a trivia game, storytelling services for B2B clients and much more. The tours and experiences focus on various fascinating themes such as the dark side of Vienna, Secret Societies, Powerful Women of Vienna, The secrets of a dictator and much more! Tours are offered in 5 languages- German, English, Russian, Italian and Hebrew. 

What is so special about your offer?

Our tours and experiences are designed for both locals and tourists. We focus on unique topics which are barely or not at all covered but have an integral part in Vienna’s rich history. Our VIP experiences combine a tour with an activity such as a dance class, a private concert or a cooking class. We work with musicians, actors and other professionals to offer our customers an unforgettable experience. We use the knowledge we have gained to create other unique content based products such as our Secret Vienna book, our trivia game and other products. Through engaging stories and creative content, we show the beauty behind the scenes in a fun and engaging way.

How did you get the idea to do this?

Secret Vienna started as a blog from a foreigner’s perspective. As the Secret Vienna grew steadily, we decided to produce products and transform the blog into a company. We are truly passionate about Vienna and believe it has so much more to offer than what is currently available.

Secret Vienna Team

Secret Vienna Tours

Is there something special about your company?

The secret Vienna team consists of foreigners from over 5 countries. Each team member comes from a completely different background and culture but we all share one thing in common- our outsider’s perspective on Vienna. We believe that this is an essential aspect of our work as we are able to see what to many locals might be ordinary and perceive it as extraordinary.

Is there something special about the location of your company?

While our company’s office is located in the 17th district, the real work is taking place anywhere around the city. Our explorers are searching for new secrets daily to add to our growing blog and no part of the city is being neglected. One of our main goals is to show the beauty of Vienna to Viennese and for that reason the lesser central districts are just as important for us as the first district.

Tell us more about the stroy of your company....

The story of Secret Vienna is a story about being new in a foreign place and being eager and curious enough to discover it. Simple questions about Vienna’s history raised more and more questions and the information available was scarce and not at all satisfying. After realizing that this interest isn’t personal and shared with hundreds of both locals and foreigners in Vienna, the simple blog was transformed into a company. The ambition to learn about Vienna enormously expanded into an ambition to become the largest tourism company in Vienna. Our habit of searching for secrets and unknown information resulted in us identifying many opportunities in the market and creating more and more unique products and services. The company’s story has just begun and there’s a long way to go but we are extremely excited about the future.

3 words that describe your company ...

innovative, unique, unforgettable

Where to buy your products and tours?

The best place to purchase our products and services is our website

Our tour tickets are also sold through our different partners including German language schools, hotels, tourism platforms and more. We are highly responsive and can create custom products for specific client needs such as personalized tours or unique marketing services. We strive to provide high quality service and an unforgettable experience and we invite you to join us and uncover the hidden beauty of Vienna!

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Secret Vienna - entdecke das geheime Wien

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Sagi's personal Vienna insights

Why I like living in Vienna ...

I love living in Vienna because this city has given me so much! Beside its history, culture, music and art, I get the chance everyday to explore, learn and uncover hidden secrets and exciting stories. On top of that, i get to share it with people and transform their day! I owe this great pleasure to this wonderful city!

What do you like about the city?

As I originally come from the middle east and lived in different cities around the world, I see Austria in general and Vienna in particular as paradise. It’s a city that has everything one can ask for in a city and I’m truly grateful to be here.

My personal Vienna tip …

The tip I always give is to get lost in the city. I recommend to avoid using maps, take random turns and find yourself in beautiful alleys and romantic courtyards. I also advise to always enter when seeing an open door, but that’s probably a part of my Israeli culture.

My favorite place in Vienna ...

Choosing my favorite place in Vienna is a tough decision. I associate each place with a different memory. From Heldenplatz and the national library to Vienna’s parks and the Danube there’s a lot to love! Currently i love the 17th district where i live! I find it truly beautiful and completely underrated.

My favorite restaurant in Vienna ...

Another tough question. As I’m a vegetarian my choices are quite limited but I would go with Hollerei. This restaurant is the my girlfriend’s and my anniversary location and so it has more meaning than just food. But to make it clear, the food is incredible!