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Hi, I am Sabrina Haupt and will give you here in the blog regularly more insights into the sustainable Vienna.

With my I do it differently tours (ich mach es anders-Touren) you can get to know new, sympathetic sides of Vienna and I have many insider tips for you in stock. There is so much to discover in every Grätzl (Viennese for you immediate neighbourhood).

So I am looking forward to introducing you here in the blog my Vienna tips.

Today I am starting right away with a very enjoyable side of Vienna.

Shortly introduce your product…

I, Aandreas Zwickl, create and process a wide variety of foods to liqueurs, syrups, spice mixtures and other delicacies, such as our popular dandelion honey (similar to the consistency and flavor of bee honey, but with a light citrus note, the perfect vegan alternative to honey)

What is so special about your product?

Every recipe and every product is made from beginning to end, from my life companion and me, personally by hand, with much love. This begins with the selection of the food, which are mainly self-harvested from gardens or from farms and regional markets up to the loving design of each bottle. By the way, we are packing everything exclusively in glass bottles to protect the environment! 

Ein.Genuss - Produkte

How did you get the idea to make exactly this product?

Through my main profession as cook and the aversion of mass production and "finished products"

Why did you choose Vienna as location?

Because Vienna is my home and until a few years ago there was rather a small market of "self-made" goods in Vienna.

Is there something special abou the location of your company?

As Ein.Genuss is a side business for us, which is mainly driven by passion, the products are distributed exclusively online via our website or on markets. The production kitchen is located in Hermanngasse in the 7th district.

 Ein.Genuss - Likör

Please tell us more about the history of your company …

It has always been clear to me that sustainability and regional food should be your first choice. Unfortunately, I had to realize more and more often that these points became less and less important. One day when we got a mulberry syrup from my grandmother, I realized that I wanted to make my own products and bring the variety of the "homemade" food to many people. That is why I decided in 2015 to create my own culinary delights, which of course had to be free of additives and aromas, sustainable, environmentally friendly and substantial. With the help of my life companion Raphaela our business Ein.Genuss was created.

3 words that descibe your company …

Handmade, regional, simply a pleasure laughing

Where to buy your products?

On our website and on markets such as the Markterei

Ein.Genuss - Sirup

Finally Andreas' personal Vienna insights

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Because Vienna is an absolutely liveable city, with colorful mixed personalities and a variety of possibilities

What do you like about the city?

Versatility, variety. Vienna has everything that the heart desires

My personal Vienna tip …

The „Baumkreis“ (tree circle) at „am Himmel“, a pleasure walk through the Markterei (specialities weekend market in the city center) and the ich mach es anders-Tours (I do it differently) of Sabrina Haupt

My favourite place in Vienna …

An autumn walk through the Kurpark Oberlaa

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

For eating: quite traditional the " Zum weißen Rauchfangkehrer " in the city center of Vienna

Do you now have the desire for more of the fine products of Ein.Genuss? Then go straight to their online pleasure.Shop, here you can order all the products comfortably.

In addition to the onlineshop, the seductive products are also available at some Viennese markets. When you have the opportunity to buy the delicacies here  in Vienna you will always find up-to-date on the Facebook page of Ein.Genuss.

In the Markterei the next dates are:

Saturday 3.12.2016
Friday & Saturday 16 & 17.12.2016
Friday 23.12.2016
Saturday 8th April2017
Friday 14th April 2017

Friday always from 12 - 20h and Saturday then from 10 - 18h

If you want to look behind the scenes of Ein.Genuss, or would like to get to know Andreas and Raphaela personally, then you have the possibility to do so with my ich mach es anders-tour, because Ein.Genuss is one of my most enjoyable cooperation partners.