Summer holidays in Vienna - beachfeeling included

Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, wild-water swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddling and sailing are less associated with Vienna and a big city. But that this is not true, is proofed by Vienna, as you can really do all that and even more in Vienna.

So pack your summer stuff and go on a summer holiday in Vienna.

Water sports on the blue Danube

Where do you find Vienna's "center of water sports"? You simply go to the direction of the Danube and then the full program awaits you. So what can you look forward to at hot summer temperatures?

How about starting with wakeboarding at the wakeboard lift on the New Danube and then relax at the beach bar (or simply watch the colorful hustle and bustle)?

Very close by we continue with rafting, kayaking and wild-water swimming. Directly on the Danube is the water arena.

Stand-up paddling can be tried in several locations, among others, the Segelschule Hofbauer and at Vienna City Beach. The Segelschule Hofbauer is also your partner if you would like to go sailing in Vienna.

And if you like to combine Hawaiifeeling with waves, then you come directly at the Donaumarina to Vienna's first Wakesurfcenter.

You see, it does not always have to be the swimming pool at summer temperatures, Vienna also has a lot of other water activities to offer.




Beachfeeling in the middle of Vienna

After an eventful day at the water, what can then be finer than relax in a beach bar? Yes, you can also find beach bars in Vienna, and some of them even in the middle of the city.

Directly at Urania there is the Strandbar Herrmann. Also located on the Danube Canal are the City Beach and the Adria Wien.

Where in winter the ice runners turn their rounds, you will find in the summer Vienna's largest beach club: Sand in the City

If you prefer to stay at the Danube Island and the Old Danube, check out the Vienna City Beach Club.

So who needs beach and sea far away, if Vienna has everything to offer for the perfect summer vacation.