Summer in Vienna Part 3

In the last weeks we had more than just summery temperatures here in Vienna. I for myself spent two weeks of it on the island by the sea and now I am back full of energy.

And since the next days or weeks will still be very full of summer, I simply extend my little "Summer in Vienna" series by a third part.

Freizeitparadies Donauinsel©WienTourismus Christian Stemper

Donau-Auen©WienTourismus Popp & Hackner 

Culinary summer pleasures

Who does not know it, the typical smell of grilled food- be it meat or vegetarian. It just belongs to summer. Now you are on holidays in Vienna and the grill was a bit too bulky to take it by plane or train. But do not worry, you do not have to spend your time without a cozy barbecue, even in Vienna. Because whether directly in the city center, or on the cool waters of the Old Danube, it will be grilled for you. Where and when, you can find that on the website of the Vienna Tourist Board.

If you prefer to grill by yourself, then there are public barbecue areas from the city of Vienna. But there we are again on the topic of the griller. OK, there are small handy grills at the DIY store ...

Another way to comfortably spend a warm summer evening is at one of the many wine taverns (Heurige) in Vienna. Because they are not only in the well-known parts such as Grinzing or Neustift am Walde, but everywhere (preferably, of course, on the outskirts) in Vienna. Just ask your host for his personal insider tip, because nearly every Viennese has his personal favorite Heuriger. Let an exciting summer day end pleasantly in a cozy garden with tasty home-style cooking and a fine glass of wine. But please do not try too much of the wine, because that makes the next day more likely for a headache. A good overview of the Heurige in Vienna can be found at the website of the Vienna Tourist Board. And more about the wine itself you can read in the blog at "There will be a wine ...."

Hotel Daniel Vienna © Hotel Daniel Vienna

Zur Alten Kaisermühle © Zur Alten Kaisermühle

You want to cool down?

Vienna is famous not only for its sights but also that it is settled around the Danube. But there are also many places in Vienna where you can truly forget that you are in a big city. There is pure holiday mood, because water and beach are waiting for you. More I have told you some time ago here in the blog articles "Summer holidays in Vienna - beach feeling inluded" and "Bathing fun in the green - Vienna's natural bathing spots"

If you're in town right now, exploring the sights and attractions, and need some refreshment, then get some inspiration here. Because Vienna also has something to offer from below. Read more about it in the blog article "Vienna viewed from below"

If you prefer to stay above the ground, then the numerous ice cream parlors provide for a pleasurable (at least short-term) cooling off.

Really cool even in high summer temperatures, it is a bit outside of Vienna, namely in the Seegrotte. The mine Seegrotte Hinterbrühl is an abandoned gypsum mine with fascinating galleries, a mine museum and the largest underground lake in Europe. More about the Seegrotte at You can visit the Seegrotte also as part of a trip (half day tour Wienerwald - Mayerling) offered by our partner Vienna Sightseeing.

And who knows, maybe there will be  a fourth part of summer in Vienna. And now I'll take care of the cooling off. Only what should it be? Ice cream or the air condition?

Sommertage an der Alten Donau ©WienTourismus Christian Stemper 

Heuriger Schübel-Auer ©WienTourismus  Peter Rigaud