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Szofia Monika Kribusz - painter with great passion

Today I introduce you to a very fascinating artist with a great passion for Vienna: Szofia Monika Kribusz. She is a painter, who, however, first took a detour over the goldsmithy before she had followed her great heartfelt: painting.

Your name: Szofia Monika Kribusz

Szofia Monika Kribusz

Your profession...


But I come from the goldsmithy, I am a trained goldsmith, but I wanted to be a painter since I was 4 years old. However, my parents were very economically oriented, so I chose an intercourse, as a compromise so to speak, which I have then also exercised for 13 years. Overlapping, I slowly went over to painting. But I will certainly make jewelery again, at the moment I do not make any.

Where were you born?

I was born in Hungary near Györ, in Pàpa, grew up near Lake Balaton, later we lived in West Hungary.

What is so special about your work? What do you like about it? How did you get the idea doing this?

That you can be honest.

That one does not have to be pleasing.

And when you accept orders that you have to deal with people.

And of course, I like it so much that you have so many colors to choose from and you can use the whole color scale.

This profession of painting has such a great tradition and so there are so many different ways you can go, from classical painting to performance, photography, you can do things with depth, you can do collage-like things, there are simply no limits. You can look in so many directions and thousands of new rooms open up.

Painting was simply my heart's desire. 

Do you have a typical day?

Oh, I sleep long. This is the constant.

Atelier Szofia Monika Kribusz

Atelier Szofia Monika Kribusz

Atelier Szofia Monika Kribusz

Atelier Szofia Monika Kribusz

3 words that describe me

Purposeful, chiselled, ecstatic / enthusiastic

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Because of the cultural offer.

And because of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, I am a supporting member. They have a room that is accessible only with an identity card, and there is almost never anyone sitting there. As I went to university I always learned there.

It is right above the cafe. From this room you have a view directly on the Maria Theresa statue. It is always so quiet and you see everything from above. You notice everything, but you are not inside.

What do you like about the city?

The city has changed so much since I am living here, I've been in Vienna since 1999. As I came here it was more closed than it is today, you cannot compare it any more.

It has become more international, it has become even more beautiful, much has been  renovated, especially the Gründerzeit houses.

And the exhibitions, for example, which used to come with a “delay” of 5 years to Vienna - so when I saw something in London, it was five years later shown in Vienna - they are now much earlier.

And the curators or event managers of larger event venues also dare to put more oblique, controversial things on the stage or bring them into exhibition spaces. And that is very good for me.

Atelier Szofia Monika Kribusz

Atelier Szofia Monika Kribusz

Monika's tips for Vienna

My personal Vienna tip …

In the Ministry of Justice the cafe. There you have to "check in" as at the airport, and then you stand opposite the great statue of Justitia. So that alone is impressive that the Ministry of Justice is so beautiful from the inside. And there are usually very few people. Then take the lift up to the 5th floor to the cafe. First of all you have a great view over the first district and then left to the Parliament. On the roof of the Parliament are these statues, the wagons with the horses and the charioteers and this is just so impressive, the whole again seen from above.

My favorite place in Vienna ...

I really like the old AKH. There is a large tree in the second courtyard, which is protected and always blooms in April, all pink. And he's really huge. There I go, if I feel that my soul needs it.

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

In the Servitengasse the Pacado, which have very good Italian food and not expensive.

And then at the Siebensternplatz the Berfin

I also love to eat the vegetarian food at Buchmüller in the Neubaugasse. The food is incredibly good.

Atelier Szofia Monika Kribusz

Szofia Monika Kribusz work you can marvel at in her atelier in Daungasse 2, 1080 Vienna


Mónika Kribusz
visual artist

ArtStudio: Austria, Vienna 1080, Daungasse 2a
Phone: + 43 676 4321 671