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A warm summer evening, African animals, a cozy atmosphere - the safari dinner in the zoo Schönbrunn. After the zoo closes, it starts for Christian, our friends Michaela, Hermann and me.

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Have you ever wanted to go to the zoo after the closing time, so without the many visitors? Just to see what the animals do, if it is calmer and if it is also for them slowly time for their night rest.

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Schönbrunn Palace is Austria's most popular tourist attraction and famous worldwide. Likewise, Vienna is known as city of music all over the world. How about combining both? Did you know that concert evenings in the Orangery in Schönbrunn Palace are being offered? Even in combination with fine food? No, then you have to read on.

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Christian Wild is today the first host of that you will get to know a bit closer. Because here in the blog there will not only be interesting stories from and about Vienna but also about the heart of our platform: your hosts. Those are the persons that prepare for you your home in Vienna.

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