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Vienna and death have a morbid relationship. On the one hand, the Viennese celebrate life and on the other hand, death is celebrated too. And just now, shortly before All Saints Day, this theme is again very present in Vienna and the cemeteries will soon be festively decorated and lit again.

Therefore, I have asked Marijan of Undertaker Memoria to give you more insights into this part of Vienna.

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Honey from the city. What may sound a bit contradictory at the beginning, it is not at all, as Uli and Karl Heller from Honigstadt explain to me. Because in Vienna bees find a unique habitat.

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Service Manager & Chef pastry seller, friend, listener, adviser, accountant, buyer, man for everything - all this and much more is Lukas Thomas of the inn Zur Allee on the edge of the Vienna Woods.

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Today I introduce you to something very typical Viennese, a culinary delight that is world famous (in some places even uses as „money“) and no it is not Sachertorte. What it is?

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Hernals is not only a very pleasant district to live, but it has a huge variety of offers, including much cultural things. A highlight is definitely the Metropol located near Elterleinplatz.

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