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The title already reveals the big question. It is raining and you want to do something with your child. Then read on, because Vienna has a lot to offer even in rainy weather, and not just for adults. Today I have put together a few inspirations and ideas for you, but there is a lot more, what you and your family can experience and do in Vienna.

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In the last blog post we, Giulia and Zoe, have already told you about our experiences with the Viennese underwater world. Today we continue with the animal part of Vienna. We were in the Zoo Schönbrunn and then in the Natural History Museum.

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Today the blog is all about money, because today a very special museum presents itself: the Money Museum of the Austrian National Bank. How it came to open its own money museum and what to expect there, that tells you now the team of the money museum.

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What is real? And what is staging? What do you think you see, is it really true? Or is everything a big illusion? These questions are the focus of the 3D Pic Art Museum, Vienna's first 3D TrickArt attraction. Because here illusion, staging and reality meet. A crazy photo fun in the heart of Vienna.

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The special exhibition SAGMEISTER & WALSH: Beauty at the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK) Vienna is a plea for beauty and aesthetics. Both would often be sacrificed for functionality, although beauty is usually even more efficient.

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Today, Katharina Flicker introduces herself to you on the blog - a blogger with a passion for museums. Not only does she have her own blog Murmus's Museum Reviews, but she will support us also here on the blog of 

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Today follows the second part of highlights in Vienna. We start now in July, so directly in the summer time. And in summer too there are great festivals in Vienna that are a perfect combination to enjoy warm summer evenings with a great program. So, let's continue.

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The preparations for this special night in early October have now been going on for some time. Because on the 6th of October the Long Night of Museums takes place for the 19th time. And also this year, as in the years before, you can look forward to a very special and long night.

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In the middle of the 12th district in the Wilhelmstraße, formerly the most important connection on the way to Trieste, is the Old Viennese Schnapsmuseum. Gerald Fischer tells you today more about the museum, how it all began and why the production is so special.

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What is the difference between a forgery and a copy? Which thrilling detective stories can be told about famous, notorious counterfeiters like Han van Meegeren, Konrad Kujau, Edgar Mrugalla or Lothar Malskat? All this and much more you will find out in the Fälschermuseum Wien (Museum of Art fakes). Today, the founder Diana Grobe tells you more about it.

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Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate, as the name is program, here in the Chocolate Museum Vienna everything revolves around cocoa and chocolate. From the first discovery of the cocoa bean to the present time, the cocoa bean (and therefore the chocolate) has a moving past.

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Did you immediately understand the title of the blog article? Is the language somewhat familiar for you but at the same time sounds a bit foreign? Or did you understand it right away? Translated it means: Welcome to the Esperanto Museum. How it came that Vienna became the center of the planned language Esperanto and even got its own museum, that's what Bernhard Tuider from the Esperanto Museum tells you today.

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Vienna and its coffee houses are inseparable and famous throughout the world. So what is more obvious that there is a coffee museum in Vienna. Here you will learn everything about the history of the coffee house, the coffee and much, much more. About this Karl Schilling, coffee enthusiast and co-founder of the museum, will tell you more about.

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Is everything just an illusion? What if you see and experience things that are not possible? Everything is possible in the Museum of Illusions and the unbelievable becomes reality.  "Logic will take you from A to Z. Imagination will take you anywhere." (Albert Einstein)

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At the beginning of October, more precisely on Saturday 7th, it is again that time of the year. It will be a long night with an extensive program and this already for the 18th time.

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