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Vienna has many museums, well-known, lesser-known, small, big, bizarre and outlandish, so in short for everyone there is a museum that is interesting. For 4 of these museums, there is now a special ticket: the Viennese Museumsmelange.

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A museum in which everything revolves around shoes, yes, that can be found in Vienna too, and that is precisely what Alexandra Rauch from the Shoemuseum introduces you today. This museum is really something special and if you have always been interested in shoes, then this museum should be on your agenda.

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Vienna had a bold plan long ago: to become the center of marine biology research in Europe.

You do not believe me? Then read on, because this plan really existed and the "tracks" you can still experience everyday.

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It continues with special museums in Vienna. Today you will get to know one that will enchant you in the truest sense: the magic set museum.

Manfred Klaghofer has collected with love and passion, the greatest magic set collection in the world. How it all began, about this and much more he will tell you in today's blog post.

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In the middle of Vienna's city center you can go on an exciting journey through Vienna. From the Romans to today's Vienna. Where? This I will tell you today in the blog.

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Today, I present to you a museum devoted to a very gloomy, dark theme of history: the Torture Museum in the Flakturm in the Esterhazypark in the 6th district.

Lukas Riegler, director of the museum, tells you how this museum has emerged and how this very sensitive subject is worked up.

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In Vienna autumn has arrived noticeably, but there are many things that you can do completely independent of the weather, for example, many exciting museums. Today I start with a museum that is pretty hot: Brennpunkt° - Museum of Heating Customs. More about it will now tell you Reinhard Indrak, the museum director.

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Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Koloman Moser, Josef Hoffmann – well known names of world famous Austrian artists that make the start to today's blogpost. Because I will tell you more about the famous place in Vienna, where you can admire their and many other art works by Austrian and contemporary artists: the Leopold Museum.

posted by: Stephanie Rank