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Gray in gray and cloudy, we often have this picture from November. But in Vienna things are very different. From mid-November on, Vienna will be bathed in a colorful atmosphere by the colorful lights of the Christmas markets.

posted by: Stephanie Rank

One highlight replaces the other at the Rathausplatz and transforms Vienna into the town of acrobats, clowns and artists. Because after the Filmfestival now the Circus Roncalli stays in Vienna and this year it really has something special to celebrate: 40 years of circus arts.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


Today's blog post is a must read for all film - and cinema lovers. Because now that the summer has arrived in Vienna, the warm evenings invite you to spend the time outside, also the season of open-air cinemas begins. Therefore, I have prepared a brief overview for you over the highlights of this year's summer cinemas for you.

posted by: Stephanie Rank