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Welcome to the blog of - Your specialist for Vienna. Do you want to get to know the real Vienna and its people, apart from the guidebooks, then you are in the right place here. Look forward to fascinating insights into Vienna, its people, art & culture and what it is that makes life worth living here.

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Vienna is always worth a trip, regardless of the season. There is so much to see, experience and do in Vienna, a single visit is certainly not enough. So it pays off to plan the trip a bit. And if the next visit of Vienna is a little further away, then you now have more time to be inspired by this blog post.

posted by: Stephanie Rank

Streetfood Intro

How difficult can it be to open a mobile snack stand? that's what Kristina Eggers and Patrick Bubna-Litic thought in summer 2019. And founded the green duke & the healthy duchess, Vienna's first food bike. It was challenging, but in the end you can now enjoy their wonderful food and drinks. Today in the blog, the two of them tell you more about their very special company.

posted by: Stephanie Rank

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Some time ago I read about a small Viennese brewery - the second largest in Ottakring - which is located very close to my home. At a recent meeting I just met the founder and operator, Roland Schalken, and asked him to tell you more about his exciting company here on the blog.

posted by: Stephanie Rank

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A warm summer evening, African animals, a cozy atmosphere - the safari dinner in the zoo Schönbrunn. After the zoo closes, it starts for Christian, our friends Michaela, Hermann and me.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


A highlight for all beer lovers and gourmets. From the 1st to the 7th of July the Viennese Beer Week will take place. Conceptually, it is like the Viennese restaurant week you already know. And also for Beer Week, there is an exclusive advantage for you as a blog reader. Incidentally the Viennese Beer Week is organized by the same company as the restaurant week.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


The beer tradition in Vienna looks back on a long history, which is now being supplemented by the Beer Rally Vienna. With the Beer-Rally-Vienna voucher book you can take an exciting journey through 40 diverse Viennese restaurants. Now Günther Brantner, the "inventor" of Beer - Rally, will tell you more about it.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


In the week of 18th to 24th of March, the 19th Viennese Restaurant Week takes place in Vienna. This week, gourmet friends can explore and enjoy the top gastronomy of Vienna for a special price. For 7 days, the best chefs in the city show what they are made of with specially created menus.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


Start your day relaxed and comfortable with a fine breakfast. Especially if you live in an apartment you have the opportunity to enjoy the great breakfast offers in Vienna, because there are so many insider tips and great locations. Today, Andrea & Michael will tell you more about their idea of how to comfortably have breakfast in Vienna while at the same time saving money.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


Today follows the second part of highlights in Vienna. We start now in July, so directly in the summer time. And in summer too there are great festivals in Vienna that are a perfect combination to enjoy warm summer evenings with a great program. So, let's continue.

posted by: Stephanie Rank

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Do you already know the Vienna Cooking Classes? No, then read on. Because this article will tell you more about where and when you can learn to cook genuine Viennese and Austrian delicacies in Vienna. Directly from true Viennese in a cozy atmosphere and with a lot of fun.

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits


In the last weeks we had more than just summery temperatures here in Vienna. I for myself spent two weeks of it on the island by the sea and now I am back full of energy.

And since the next days or weeks will still be very full of summer, I simply extend my little "Summer in Vienna" series by a third part.

posted by: Stephanie Rank



As already announced last week, I have prepared part 2 of the overview what is going on in Vienna in the coming weeks. Today, the focus is on festivals, events, culinary and holiday feeling.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


Today I share with you the secrets of my Grandma’s super fluffy apricot jam roulade. A jam roulade is a very popular and traditional cake with spongecake dough. You might also know it under the name roly poly, sponge roll or jam roll.

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits


One weekend, two times enjoyment. Two festivals await you on May 11th and 12th, and entice you with culinary delights: the Genussfestival (Viennese Gourmet Festival) in Stadtpark and the craft beer festival in the Marx Halle. Then let's see what you can look forward to.

posted by: Stephanie Rank