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Welcome to the blog of - Your specialist for Vienna. Do you want to get to know the real Vienna and its people, apart from the guidebooks, then you are in the right place here. Look forward to fascinating insights into Vienna, its people, art & culture and what it is that makes life worth living here.

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Do you already know the Vienna Cooking Classes? No, then read on. Because this article will tell you more about where and when you can learn to cook genuine Viennese and Austrian delicacies in Vienna. Directly from true Viennese in a cozy atmosphere and with a lot of fun.

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits


Today I share with you the secrets of my Grandma’s super fluffy apricot jam roulade. A jam roulade is a very popular and traditional cake with spongecake dough. You might also know it under the name roly poly, sponge roll or jam roll.

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits


If it gets colder outside, then nothing is about a fine soup to warm up again. One of the classic dishes of the Austrian kitchen is definitely the semolina dumpling soup.

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits


Mohnnudeln, which probably could be translated with „poppy seed noodles“, are a traditional Austrian (and Bohemian) specialty and are served as a main course as well as a dessert

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits


Summer holidays.

Radiant blue sky, scent of wood in the barn and grass that is freshly mown... the smell of roses, lavender and suncream …

This recipe for Vanilla Cream Cheese Dumplings (in German “Topfen-Obers-Nockerl”) with Raspberry Sauce is totally linked to my childhood memories of summer holidays in Burgenland.

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits

Last week you could already read a bit about me, Angelika. Maybe you also looked around my recipes or even tried one?

Here in the blog I will now spoil you with culinary insights into my kitchen and Viennese specialties. Cooking is my passion and I am so happy that I can share it with you. So now let's start with a real classic, the real Viennese apple strudel with self-made dough.

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits