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Now we are already in September and the summer is slowly going over into fall. But even late summer is a very special time in Vienna, because on the one hand almost summer days are still tempting and on the other hand the already cooler days make ready for new activities.

That's why today I have a few inspirations for you for this wonderful time in Vienna.

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In the last weeks we had more than just summery temperatures here in Vienna. I for myself spent two weeks of it on the island by the sea and now I am back full of energy.

And since the next days or weeks will still be very full of summer, I simply extend my little "Summer in Vienna" series by a third part.

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As already announced last week, I have prepared part 2 of the overview what is going on in Vienna in the coming weeks. Today, the focus is on festivals, events, culinary and holiday feeling.

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Summer in Vienna is a very special time. Because in the coming weeks, a colorful, diverse offer is waiting for you. From open-air cinema, through outdoor festivals to holiday mood on the beach. And the offer is so large that it is enough for 2 blog articles. Today we start with cinemas, film, music and culture.

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Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, wild-water swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddling and sailing are less associated with Vienna and a big city. But that this is not true, is proofed by Vienna, as you can really do all that and even more in Vienna. So pack your summer stuff and go on a summer holiday in Vienna.

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Summer in Vienna is a very special time. Much is a bit quieter, much goes because of the warm temperatures a bit slower and also cooling down is then a good alternative.

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Today's blog post is a must read for all film - and cinema lovers. Because now that the summer has arrived in Vienna, the warm evenings invite you to spend the time outside, also the season of open-air cinemas begins. Therefore, I have prepared a brief overview for you over the highlights of this year's summer cinemas for you.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


Marie Amenitsch & Luisa Lutter of have been busily researching for you to find even more of Vienna's best ice cream parlours. As colourful and marvelous as spring and summer are the same are the ice cream parlours that just wait to pamper you with the icy specialities.

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Summer is coming soon and the first warm days already arrived in Vienna. So what is more obvious that having a look at ice cream? Right this Marie Amenitsch & Luisa Lutter of have done for you and researched all over Vienna. Part 2 by the way is coming soon.

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