The ice cream season has started... part 1

Summer is coming soon and the first warm days already arrived in Vienna. So what is more obvious that having a look at ice cream? Right this Marie Amenitsch & Luisa Lutter of have done for you and researched al over Vienna. Part 2 by the way is coming soon.

Whiyh type is the best, this is really a question people discuss with passion. But it does not matter, the main thing is that it is ice cream. And about this you can read today, because the first warm days make appetite for more. So start reading with the first part of the best Viennese ice cream parlours.


Vegan ice cream = boring and uninspired? Not at all as the charming Veganista prooves.

The range of types of ice cream is endless. Next to the all time classics like vanilla, coffee or hazelnut you find really fancy types like dolce vita, arrabian nights and black forrest.

And for all the health-concious and weight cautious people who do not want to waive the ice cream pleasure, there are several ice creams with agave nectar or birch sugar. Just yummy!

Neustiftgasse 23/3, 1070 & Margaretenstrasse 51, 1050


Veganista store ©Veganista

Veganista - vegan ice cream ©Veganista


Veganista - more than just vegan ice cream ©Veganista


Yes this is the ice cream parlour where on some days people queue up in front of the shop, but for a good reason: already for some time the Eis-Greissler is the epitome for good taste completly free of flavours or artificial additives and colourings.

There are already two stores where you get this tasty ice cream. Produced it is in Lower Austria with biological milk.

How do types like pistachios with salt and muscat, pumpkin seeds or Alps-caramell for you? And these are only a few types that wait for you, so waiting a bit is really worth it.

Rotenturmstraße 14, 1010 | Mariahilfer Straße 33, 1060


The sidewalk cafe of Schelato ©Schelat


A familiar name that puts a smile on you face. But it is not only the spelling that is fancy but also the types of ice cream are really unusual.

No matter if you prefer more the chocolate side or are the fruity type - everyone will find here its favourite.

A little preview? Avocado-ice, beetroot-poppy-seed or black sesame? Curious? Well then, why are you still reading, go there and enjoy the ice cream.

Lerchenfelder Straße 34, 1080


unusal types of ice cream at Schelato ©Schelat

Ice cream by Schelato ©Schelat

The best Schelato©

Schoko Company – Eisoase

Award winning, vegan and lactose free – this ice on the Naschmarkt is really special. Because here in he shop of he  Schoko Company those types of ice creams of the Eisoase are offered exclusively.

Already four times this producer convinced an expert jury and won the title for the best ice cream of Austria. Furthermore there is a special cooperation with Zotter, which results in four delicious ice creams that you can now try. And the best, you do not have to wait till summer to get this great ice cream.

Wiener Naschmarkt, Stand 326 – 331, 1040


Gefrorenes - Eis wie Damals ©Gefrorenes Eis wie damals 

Gefrorenes – Eis wie damals

Childhood memories come back as soon as you enter this special ice cream parlour.

Tradition combined with authenticity can be found here. All types of ice cream you get here, among them fine types like apple strudel, Sissi almond and Sacher cake, or classics like vanilla, hazelnut and yogurt, are free of artificial colouring, flavours and preservatives.

And this you really taste. So what are you wating for?

Währinger Straße 152, 1180 Vienna

Gefrorenes - Eis wie Damals


Eis wie Damals - Ice like in the past ©Gefrorenes Eis wie damals

there is watermelon too  - Eis wie damals ©Gefrorenes Eis wie damals

Eissalon di Jimmy

You have already noticed that fine ice cream parlours can be found all over Vienna, also in the 15th district where a huge one is waiting for you.

Numerous ice-cream sundaes and even more types of ice cream really make the decision which one to eat very hard (and you know what this means: you have to come back). Garnished with colourful fresh fruits and whipped cream it also appeals to the eyes.

The comfortable sidewalk cafe is especially during summertime the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a first class sundae.

Kardinal-Rauscher-Platz 7, 1150

The second part of our overveiw is coming soon - until then: treat yourself with a tasty ice cream and enjoy the spring.

by Marie Amenitsch & Luisa Lutter

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