The Marktweiber - real organic local supply

UPDATE July 2018:UPDATE July 2018:
By the end of June 2018, the Marktweiber have closed their shop.

The market women, that's Michaela Haas and Susanne Leder, who provide organic food supply with their organic shop in the 18th district on Aumannplatz. And if you get over the small or big hunger then you can taste the fine things in their own bistro. More about this great Greisslerei (shop) the two market women will tell you personally.

Shortly introduce your shop…

Greisslerei (shop) with exclusively organic products. Regional and seasonal. A small bistro invites you to stay.

What is so special about your shop?

We offer our customers a full range of organic food. The products are mainly from small organic farms in Lower Austria, Burgenland and Styria, which we know and are of a very high quality.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​doing this business?

Because we for ourselves were looking for such a business.

Why did you choose Vienna as location?

Because we live here and want to offer the opportunity to buy organic food from small producers in the region, even in a big city - away from farmers' markets.

Is there something special abou the location of your shop?

The Grätzel (neighborhood) here has a very 'cozy' touch. There are also small shops that offer a welcome change from supermarkets, corporate chains and more.

die marktweiber

die marktweiber

die marktweiber

Please tell us more about the history of your shop …

“die marktweiber”, that's us, Michaela Haas and Susanne Leder. We are lateral entrants and bring along know-how in food science and economics. We love good, healthy food from sustainable agriculture.

It is important for us to personally know our organic producers and their companies in order to be able to carry on what is behind the products. 'We know your food' ... That's our slogan, it says everything.

In 2015, we visited many organic farmers in the region, looked at their farms, chatted with them, tasted their products and thus put together our assortment. After a few months of independent renovation of the Greisslerei here on Aumannplatz, we opened on 16th June 2016.

It is very important to us to contribute to awareness raising in our dealings with food and nature through our business. Because sustainability and respect Nature and animals are important to us. As well as healthy, good food with an intense taste. Because "One should offer the body something good, so that the soul likes living in it." (Teresa of Ávila)

3 words that descibe your shop …




Where to find "die marktweiber"?

Greisslerei ‚die marktweiber’

1180, Türkenschanzstraße 2 (entrance at the side Gentzgasse at Aumannplatz)

and in the web

die marktweiber

die marktweiber

The Marktweiber's personal Vienna insights

Why I like living in Vienna ...

Because Vienna offers all the amenities of a big city and at the same time enough retreats to nearby nature.

What do you like about the city?

Its history/ istorical buildings, its cultural offer, the unique, ‘grumpy’ - charm of many Viennese.

My personal Vienna tip …

A historical journey through the 1st district

My favourite place in Vienna …

Meadow at the Schloss Wilhelminenberg overlooking Vienna

My favourite restaurant in Vienna …

Steman in the Otto Bauer Gasse