The Metropol - a cultural highlight in Hernals 

Hernals is not only a very pleasant district to live, but it has a huge variety of offers, including much cultural things. A highlight is definitely the Metropol located near Elterleinplatz.

Hot rhythms - great atmosphere


In recent years, the Wiener Metropol has secured its fixed place in the cultural scene of Vienna. Well known, popular and very comfortable this small, fine establishment comes here.

The offer is colourful mixed, cabaret, musicals, hot rhythms when again Latin American evenings are announced. Even Elvis is sometimes a guest here, at least it gives the impression if Dennis Jale rocks the hall with a tribute to Elvis. Or if The Dublin Legends with Irish Folk Music take care of a great atmosphere and you really believe to be in an Irish pub.

In short, there is a program for everyone here.

Metropol Wien - cultural highlight in Hernals

Vienna Metropol in Hernals 

Arts and culture in Hernals 

more than just a theater - Metropol Wien 

From the beginning ....


But has the Metropol always been a stage?

No, by far not. Initially, namely until 1828, the Metropol had absolutely nothing to do with culture but instead was a bakery and press house.

Later then room by room was rebuilt and renovted. For a long also the Hernalser Stadttheater (Hernalser city theater) was located here. It no longer exists today, but the stage remained and is now called „Metropoldi".

Today it is the perfect setting for smaller performances and you can even rent it for your own event.


Metropoldi Kleinkunstbühne

Wiener Metropol - Kleinkunstbühne Metropoldi

.... to the present program


Well have I made you curious what the Wiener Metropol has to offer? Would not that be a good idea for your next evening program?

The full information about the Metropol and ist program you find on the website of the Metropol. So have a look, find dates and book your ticket.

Very convenient, in the near surrounding of the Metropol you can find some some really comfortable apartments on 

And if you stay further away, you come and go there easily. Because the tram 43 is just a few meters away and the underground U6 is quite close. So for an entertaining evening nothing stands in the way.