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The very special water in Vienna

Vienna was this year again awarded by the international consulting company Mercer as the most livable city in the world, now for the 7th time. This is really a great result and personally I am more than happy about that as it shows that our beautiful city really offers you as a guest so much.

More quality of life...

One thing that is really special for me in Vienna and contributes so much to the quality of life, is the Viennese water. Yes you read correctly, it is all about the water.

I am pretty sure you know the feeling that getting a cool glass of water if you are thirsty is definitely great. And wouldn't it be nice, just to take your glass and fill it with water directly coming from the tap?

And this you can do everywhere in Vienna without hestitation, and of course in your apartment too.

Because the quality of the Viennese water is worldfamous and we are very proud of that fact. 

Schneeberg and Rax - the part of the Alps where the Viennese water comes from 

 White gold coming from the mountains


So what is so special about the water in Vienna?

In short the water comes directly from the mountain springs in the Styrian/Lower Austrian Alps.

The two „Hochquellwasserleitungen" (mountain spring pipelines) bring the water directly from the Alps into your glass.

If you want more information about the history of the Viennese water and more insights then have a look at the Vienna Tourist Board Website.

Did I mention that we are very proud of our water? That’s why Vienna also created an own water jug.

So if you are in Vienna, really enjoy the Viennese water and drink lots of it. All you ever wanted to know about the Viennese water you can find at the website of the Wiener Wasserwerke.



For the worldfamous Viennese water there is also a specially designed water jug

Wiener Alpen in Niederösterreich, Region rund um Schneeberg and Hohe Wand