There will be a wine ...

... and we will no longer be there... .That is the refrain of a famous Viennese song, originally performed by the "Urwiener" par excellence, Hans Moser. But what does this have to do with today’s blogpost? Well now it is again the the time of the year which is quite interesting for wine lovers.

Late summer pleasures

Slowly as every year the summer says goodbye until next year and will be replaced by the autumn.

The days are getting shorter, in the morning it can be quite cool. Only during the day until early evening we can still enjoy warm temperatures and sunshine outdoors.

So what would then be better than to rest after a pleasant walk in a wine tavern (Heuriger) at a beautiful late summer day. And then it is already written: storm time, or maybe even fresh „Staubiger“ (dusty wine).

What now? Are stormy times comings, so you should unpack the windbreaker? Is there dirt alarm?

Far from it, if you read this, then be curious, sit down comfortably and just try it. Because „Sturm“ and „Staubiger“ are two very tasty precursors stages of wine.


From the grape to wine ...



But first things first. After harvesting, the grapes are pressed and so grape juice, or (sweet) must arise. If then not everything is already drunk (it really tastes very good) buut stored then it begins to ferment.

The next stage is then called „Sturm“ (storm) which simply referrs to young wine still in the fermentation phase. So it mostly tastes sweeter and more intense after grapes.

Once the fermentation is then almost completed a bit later, this unfiltered wine is called „Staubiger“ (dusty wine). This tastes much drier, and has more alcohol than the „Sturm“.

... and then to the Heurigen



In any case, both „Sturm“ and „Staubiger“ go very well with the hearty food in the wine tavern. What should also be mentioned, however, that excessive amounts of both drinks can be very good for digestion and the next day might bring some headache. But enjoyed in moderation, these two early stages of wine are very tasty companions for warm autumn days.

In this sense, enjoy your meal.

For a list of Heurigen in Vienna have a look at the website of the Vienna Tourist Board, to find the nearest one to your apartment.ccv