Vienna viewed from below

The most interesting places to see Vienna from below.

Some time ago I already wrote an article here in the blog about the nicest places from which you have an amazing view over Vienna. Now there is also the opposite from above and that is below. And from this perspective, you can also get a new look at Vienna. So today I will introduce you to some places in the city from which you can see Vienna from below, although some of them with a slightly morbid background.

In the footsteps of Harry Lime & Co

But let us begin with the less eerie, the Vienna sewage system. This has already gained world renown. Do you know the world-famous film "The Third Man"? This was shot in Vienna and the Vienna sewage system plays an important role here. The action of the film is set immediately after the second world war and in short it is about espionage, black trade and deceptions. One of the main scenes consists of a chase through the Vienna sewage system.

What does this have to do with the here and now? You can go on the tracks of Harry Lime & Co. At you can find all the information about the tour and book it online.



Eerie, beautiful Vienna

A bit creepy but also very historically it is in other places under Vienna.

Below the well-known Michaelerkirche in the first district is the Michaeler Crypt, which you can visit with guided tours. Here, in the past centuries, people of different origins, nobles and craftsmen were buried.

Also a tomb is under the St. Stephen's Cathedral, the catacombs. Members of the high nobility, Viennese cardinals and archbishops, and members of the cathedral chapter were buried here. Also this crypt is publicly accessible and you can view it with a guide. 

The most famous underground monument in Vienna is the Kapuzinergruft (Imperial Burial Vault), also known as the "Kaisergruft". (Imperial Crypt). It is the burial site of the emperors and empresses of the House of Habsburg and their families, with works of art that reflect more than four centuries of Austrian and European history. Over the time, the crypt was extended, and the tomb rooms of the best artists of their time designed the crypts and the ornate sarcophagus. You can find all information about the Kapuzinergruft, the guided tours and entrance fees at

So if you want to gain new perspectives of Vienna then there are a lot of interesting places to go, albeit some are a little bit spooky.


Michaelerkirche in Wien