Vienna with Locals - see Vienna from new perspectives

Today I present you a website that I can not withhold from you: Vienna with Locals. This week, I also had the opportunity to meeet Astrid Schwarz, the founder, in person and let her simply inspire me. And could also achieve something very special for you.

Explore Vienna with new friends

Vienna with locals, what is behind this sounding name? It is THE platform for authentic Vienna tours. Astrid, a sociologist, has launched it in 2015, fulfilling her personal dream. She is herself a confessed Viennese lover and "exiled German" as she has been living in Vienna for more than 20 years.

It began with the idea of making your own city experience from a new perspective, away from the mainstream and the typical sightseeing tours. Starting out from this passion, the founder of Vienna with Locals was then looking for people who shared her passion and she found them:

There are now more than 50 tours and activites in 13 different languages on the platform. So a huge selection that is waiting for you. And it grows constantly.





Being more authentic is not possible!



From the " Haunted- and Legends-Tour" to the " Peter´s Naschmarkt Gourmet Walk" you can let yourself be inspired by Vienna. Whether you are just visiting Vienna just for a short holiday or have lived here for a long time. I have marveled at the tours on the website and there are so many who give me completely new insights to the city.

This is exactly what Astrid says, "The tours and activities are aimed at all who want to experience our beautiful city of Vienna with all ist facets."

By the way, you can also get to know Astrid personally, as she will take you with her tour "Over the roofs of Vienna" specially designed for the platform, to „high“ places. Afterwards, it goes to one of Astrid's favorite local restaurants.

"We do not want to offer 08/15 tours, which can be found everywhere. With our tours our guests gather new impressions and also make new friends ". And that is exactly what the tours that Astrid offers here on the platform make so special.

With just a few clicks you can find and book your Vienna tour. Or you can create your own personal adventure together with your guide.

So: Discover Vienna with locals – to be more authentic is not possible! I am really looking forward to taking part in one of the tours (or several). Because one of the tourguides and her tours I already know, Sabrina of Ich mach es anders and I was just thrilled.

Oh and last baut not least, I did not tell you so far what I came up with Astrid for you.

Astrid not only offers the great tours, but will also share her Vienna insights and insider tips with you in the future here in the blog. So look forward to even more variety here in the blog.