Viennese coffee variety

The Viennese coffeehouse has a long tradition and not only that, it also has UNESCO World Heritage status. So it's very special and if you've ever been to a typical Viennese coffee house, you'll have experienced that special flair and atmosphere. Some even refer to it as their extended living room.

The main role in the coffee house of course plays the coffee (in addition to the countless sweet delights, but that's another story). Now you could say coffee is coffee, and you simply order one from the menu. But this is exactly where it starts, because on the menu of a coffee house you will not just find "coffee", no, this is long and very detailed.

Therefore I have an overview for you of the best-known coffee varieties and variations, so that you can order your favorite one the next time you go to a coffee house. And are professionally with names like Fiaker (no not the horse-drawn carriage), Maria Theresa (not the person), Einspänner, Melange, ...

The classics ...

Kleiner or großer Schwarzer

As the name suggests, a small or large black coffee without milk.

Kleiner or großer Brauner

Black coffee served with coffee cream (or sometimes milk), with the cream served separately.

Viennese Melange

One of the classics, black coffee, hot milk and milk foam.


Black coffee with whipped cream and a bit of icing sugar on top. Traditionally served in a glass.


Black coffee, doused with hot milk, whipped cream and a little cocoa powder

Kaffee verkehrt

Black coffee in a glass, with lots of hot milk and milk foam. Italian know it as Cafe Latte.

Kleine Schale Gold

Little black coffee infused with hot milk and milk foam hood, served in a small bowl.


Traditionally prepared in a so-called Ibrik. Sugar is boiled with specially finely ground coffee and then distributed in the cup, including coffee grounds.

Überstürzter Neumann

First, the cream comes in the cup, then the coffee.


For this coffee, the black coffee is lengthened with the double amount of water. Can also be served with milk or cream on the side.

Viennese coffee variety

Viennese coffee variety

Viennese coffee variety

... with that certain something ...


A large or small Brauner refined with apricot liqueur and whipped cream.


Black coffee served in a glass, refined with whipped cream and cognac

Maria Theresia

Black coffee refined with fine orange liqueur.

Kaffee Baileys

The name suffix suggests it already, black coffee in the glass is refined with whipped cream, Baileys and a little cocoa powder

Mozart coffee

It's not only the chocolates that have the name, but also a coffee, the Mozartkaffee: a big black coffee with cherry brandy and whipped cream on top.


The Viennese variant of the Irish Coffee, only not with whiskey, but with rum and cream. But definitely drink the coffee through the top and never mix.

... the icy one

A coffee that enjoys great popularity, especially in the summer months, is the iced coffee.

There are countless methods of preparation (yes, really). A definite ingredient is coffee and vanilla ice cream. Whether the coffee is hot or cold on the ice, it is filter coffee or a mocha, whether the coffee or the ice comes into the glass first, if the vanilla ice cream still gets company of ice cubes or even a cream cap. These are then the variations and "secrets" of the respective coffee house.

Viennese coffee variety

Viennese coffee variety

Viennese coffee variety

Even more coffee specialities which you are likely to get in an Viennese coffee house can be found on Wikipedia if you want to delve deeper into this culinary theme.

By the way, you will not find a cappuccino on the list of typical Viennese coffees, but you've probably already discovered your favorite in the list. Or even more? Then what are you waiting for? Find the next coffee house and enjoy all the full variety.

And now I will get me a coffee, after this long article, I really need one. Only which one will it be? A little black coffee or a melange? What is your favourite coffee? Share it with me in the comments below.