Viennese hiking - discover the Viennese mountains

Vienna and hiking? How does that fit together? Hiking holiday in Vienna, have you ever thought of that? Today, Michael Morgenbesser introduces you to hiking in Vienna in the blog. Hike in beautiful landscapes and climb the mountains around Vienna.


(c) Wiener Wandern


(c) Wiener Wandern

Your name

Michael Morgenbesser

Your offer

I am an experienced hiking guide for wonderful hikes and demanding mountain tours in the greater Vienna area.

Where were you born?

In southern Lower Austria, in the Schneeberg-Rax area.

What is special about your job? What do you like about it? How did you have the idea for it?

Already as a toddler, I was out and about in the mountains, and a few years ago, I turned my favorite hobby into a job that I can pursue with real passion.

Is there a typical day?

There is no such thing at all on hiking tours; every year, I welcome guests from all over the world. Some have mountain experience. For others, it's the first time. Bookings are often made months in advance, so you can only roughly estimate the weather. But in 7 years, I've never had to cancel a tour. There are hundreds of tours in my head in many areas. So I can spontaneously find the right experience for every weather and every group.

Something that stuck in your memory ...

All the faces of my guests. The facial expressions say everything, and no more words are needed. The joy and enthusiasm in the mountains and in what they have achieved and what they did not believe they could do before.

One of the superlatives is a guest from Israel who took 1,300 photos in two days. Or a group from Saudi Arabia who had more and more fun with the increasing rain.

In the mountains, you are always by yourself, and what and who you are hardly matters anymore. That also applies to princes and actors, but such meetings also fill me with a certain pride.

3 words that describe you

Reliable, nature-loving, and adventurous.


(c) Wiener Wandern


(c) Wiener Wandern

Michael's Vienna

Why do you like to live in Vienna?

I'm a Viennese by choice, and I love the possibilities and the variety. You can find that in Vienna, which is rightly one of the most livable cities in the world. The only disadvantage is that the high mountains are a little further away than my hometown.

What is this city for you?

I love history, and that is reflected in this city. From the Celts to modern times, history has left its mark. The other aspect is that Vienna is very green overall. If you come from a country like me, a big city is something completely different. But the next green is waiting around the corner. And Vienna is holistically beautiful, and you are equally safe everywhere. Of course, there are differences between the districts and Grätzeln, but they are nowhere near as big as I know from other cities.

Your personal tip ...

Not only look at the city, but also the landscape around the city. The mountains, the Alps, are not far.

Your favorite place in Vienna ...

The pedestrian crossing over Raxstrasse allows a view of my local mountain, the 2075 meter high Schneeberg when the visibility is good.

Your favorite restaurant

The Flex


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(c) Wiener Wandern