Welcome at the blog of

After the relaunch in mid January also the blog starts with fresh topics and in a new design.

Look forward to fascinating topics, interesting reports and much more.

Much to discover in Vienna

This blog will be dedicated to showing you how colourful, diverse Vienna is and what this city offers your off the beaten track and away from the „tips“ in the guide books.

So you already decided staying in an apartment. Therefore you will see Vienna already through different eyes, from a far more personal, individual side. Especially in your neighbourhood, or as the Viennese say in the „Grätzel“, you will discover a lot, so you do not have to go far away. Just embrace the flair of the city.

Viennese Originals ...

Periodically I will write you about Viennese companies that really offer you something very unique and special. Did you know that there exists the „Original Viennese Snowglobe“? Or that a small wafer is world famous?

... Your Hosts...

But it will not only be new facets of Vienna you get to know here in the blog, but also your hosts and sometimes even an apartment. Because there are so many exciting stories to be told by our hosts about them and their apartments, that I do not want to hide them from you.

... and so much more ...

Sometimes I will outsource the blog and let others write about their own, very personal Vienna. So you can really look forward to an huge variety and a broad range of topics here in the blog.

But enough of my plans, because the blog, as written in the beginning, is for you to be inspired. Therefore, if there are topics you miss or want more in this blog, then write me a short email.

I am looking forward sharing my beautiful city with you,

Yours Stephanie