Who is Astrid Schwarz?

I find it really charming, that thanks to dear Stephanie Rank I become at the tender age of 48 now also a "blogger". And I am really looking forward to it!

From now on, you get seasonal ideas from me for exploring Vienna! My Vienna tips are aimed at visitors of Vienna, but also for "locals" who want to get to know Vienna from new perspectives.

Astrid Schwarz - our new blogger

Stephanie has already told you a bit about me and my personal dream.

I have been living in Vienna for 27 years (my home is Franconia), am a sociologist, have a 19-year-old daughter, work as a trainer in adult education and I also have a 2-year start-up:  Vienna with Locals

Astrid and Vienna with Locals

About Vienna with Locals you have already read 2 weeks ago in the blog.

Briefly summarized what the platform is. Here all Vienna-interested, so you who is just reading this article, can book unusual and authentic Vienna tours.

So just look at the website Vienna with Locals, because all those great tours are waiting for you. But there are also new insights for all Vienna lovers who know the city already very well. So just try it out.

Through running the platform and the organization of tours for Vienna visitors, my passion for Vienna has grown even more.

Vienna with Locals - authentic Vienna

Astrid of Vienna with Locals

As this is my first blog article, I am happy about feedback and suggestions, which topics you want to read more about and what interests you in particular.

What I personally like in Vienna are controversies, Blutgasse and WU campus, Naschmarkt, Viktor Adler Markt or Hannovermarkt, Simmering and Döbling, Krapfenwaldlbad, Gänsehäufl or Lobau. On the latter theme, the spirits are already divorced.

And at the moment it is already difficult to keep track with all the new things going on in Vienna, or do you already know the area around Rudolf-Bednar Park, the area to the left of Lassallestrasse in the 2nd district? But this district is not yet finished, as is the Sonnwendviertel at the new main station.

And when were you the last time in the Arsenal?

My today‘s Vienna tip, apropos controversy

If you were not yet at the new WU campus, then give yourself at least 2 hours there! Getting there is quite convenient with the subway, U2 station Krieau and from this side coming through the campus direction Prater. Or even more charming and decelerating: with the Bim No. 1 from Schwedenplatz to the final station Prater and just go straight over the Prater Hauptallee to the university campus.

7 international architects have placed futuristic signs of the highest architectural quality on the site. Go to the Zaha Hadid building just up the road, look into the learning zones, or the Star Trek-like workspace, then head back to the truly imposing lobby with the elevator.

And when you have seen all the amazing places on the campus, think about making some time in the Wurstelprater and then go to the Praterstern to one of the subways. To continue to the next exciting part of the city.

Explore with Astrid the WU

Explore the WU with Vienna with Locals