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You may already have noticed that I'm not only eager to work for you and write you about Vienna, but I am also a yoga teacher. That's why today I present you the studio FREIRAUM Institut. Here I have not only done my yoga teacher training and teach from time to time, but it offers you as the name already reveals, a lot of space for your yoga.




How it all began

Katharina Rainer - Trawöger and Andreas Rainer, the two lead the FREIRAUM (free space), had been teaching yoga and other programs in various studios and companies for some years before they settled down with the institute. All their engagements were well scattered over Vienna to keep in mind, and so the two were almost only on the back and forth. On some days they could just wave in between - from the tram or bus. The desire for something own grew more and more, and as luck would have it, the opportunity arose from the location in the Liechtensteinstraße, just a few meters from the Votive Church. And the rest is history ... .

If you would like to read more about the story of FREIRAUM, have a look on the website.




What makes the FREIRAUM so special and loving?

Well here it is all about you and that you feel good and comfortable. Just be as you are and enjoy yoga.

Monday through Friday there are open drop in classes all day long. Whether you want to start the day at 7:30 with yoga or prefer to end the day with a gentle class in the evening, you have the choice. Or do both. Whether you prefer an active, demanding unit or a relaxing, soothing one, that too is entirely up to you. The offer is there and with the many different teachers you will find the best class for you. The full timetable can be found on the website.

That is the practical thing all classes are open, drop in classes which means you just come without any registration. Since there are 3 rooms, you are really flexible, which of the offered classes you visit. The coins that serve as payment you organize directly onsite before the class.

One focus of the FREIRAUM is the wide range of yoga classes for pregnant women and parents with very young yogis and yoginis. So if you come to Vienna with your kids and feel you need your yoga class, then the FREIRAUM is ideal for you. Because as already written, just come and join. You need to bring nothing more than enjoying yoga. Mats, blankets and whatever else you need are on site. And then (or even before) enjoy a fine cup of tea from Sonnentor.

The offer is rounded off by workshops and courses such as relaxation techniques, fixed yoga courses for beginners or Reiki. All those information you find on the website.

And if you are interested becoming a yoga teacher, I can highly recommend the yoga teacher program from my own experience. Again, you have a lot of free space as a participant and remain very flexible.

So will we see each other soon in FREIRAUM?

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Liechtensteinstraße 10A, 1090 Vienna and also on Facebook