Zweitkleid7 - more than just Second Hand

Zweitkleid7 - the somewhat different second hand shop I know now for some time and you will find here really a small shopping paradise which clearly stands out from other second hand shops. You will find high quality, barely worn clothes, accessories and much more here.

Martina the owner welcomes you in the "living room", that’s how I call the sales room, as it is so cozy that you feel like in a living room. And from her you also get the best advices.

But now she tells you more about her small but fine shop in the 7th district.

Shortly introduce your product…

I run a second hand shop for women's and men's fashion, as well as shoes, accessories, bags and jewelry.

What is so special about your product?

Second hand is the easiest way to live sustainability. My little contribution to make the world a bit better.


How did you get the idea to make exactly this product?

When I decided to start my own business, I quickly realized it must be a second hand shop.

Clothing, which is high-quality and fashionable, should not be forgotten in the depths of their owners' wardrobes, or even land in the rubbish.

It is my concern to counter the consumerism of our society and to support the strongly emerging trend towards recycling. It is also time to refute the character of the musty second-hand shop. Secondhand is no longer the old, worn-out clothes from "Granny's moth box".

My attention lies on selected pieces in impeccable condition from well-known brands, from individual pieces from young designers, to isolated vintage parts from past decades.

And so the result is a "win-win-win situation": for those who get their cupboard empty, for those who refresh their wardrobe with new parts and, of course, for me too.

I would like to encourage people to reflect on their own consumption patterns and to set a sign of sustainability, with the positive effect that one does not always have to spend a fortune on good, high-quality fashion.

In addition, I have worked in the textile retail industry for the past 24 years. So I really cannot do anything else;)

Zweitkleid7 Shop 

Zweitkleid7 Geschäft

Is there something special abou the location of your company?

The 7th district was my wish district, because I like this mixture of the people who live here, the varied local and cultural offerings as well as the small individual and often very creative shops - right next to the very commercial Mariahilferstraße.

So to say the perfect location for a second hand business.

3 words that describe your company ...

Sustainable, individual, my passion

Where to buy your products?

Zweitkleid7 in the Hermanngasse 13 in 1070 Vienna

Martina's personal Vienna insights

Why I like living in Vienna ...

I chose to live here 19 years ago.

Vienna offers everything a city can offer and is really a small village. You know the neighbors in your area (Grätzl). You are immediately in the green, also with public tranport. You do not have to be afraid that something will happen even late in the night. I like the mixture of cultures and the Viennese charm. The city is beautiful and clean and I can enjoy every day, for which millions of tourists spend a lot of money!

And a thousand other reasons that would break the space here!

My favorite place in Vienna ...

The nature around, like Bisamberg, Kahlenberg, Cobenzl, Wienerberg ... everywhere where one can go with a dog.

And, of course, the 7th district!

Martina von Zweitkleid7