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How do I create a custom service with obligation compulsory?

Please insert the following information:

  • Name of the service in DE and EN
  • Choose frequency
  • Set the obligation to compulsory
  • Leave the quantity with 1
  • Insert a price for the service

Now the service is added automatically once for a stay from the first day on.

Do you want to make the price of the service depending on the length of the stay then follow these steps:

First save your inital data input. Afterwards you have more possibilities to enter data where you can set different prices for different lengths of a stay.


Final cleaning is EUR 70, for all stays longer than 7 days it is only EUR 50.

To set this, you insert in the now visible field „custom days“ 7 and in the field „custom price“ EUR 50. If the guest stays 4 days he has to pay EUR 70, if he stays for 8 dayshe only has to pay EUR 50.