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Where do I enter my cancellation policy?

The cancellation conditions are entered for every apartment in the host backend of To do this, go to the respective apartment and enter the conditions under the menu item cancellation policies.

The following inputs are to be made:

Date: enter the number of days before check-in of the guest

Percentage: percentage of the cancellation fee.


14 days prior to check-in, you request 50% cancellation fee from the guest and 7 days before check-in 100%

Please enter period 14 and percent 50. Add a further condition using the "+ new" button, where you then specify period 7 and percent 100.

The maximum cancellation fee is 1 month in your apartment. If, therefore, a guest book 3 months and then cancels, the maximum that is charged is for 1 month, if you set 100% cancellation fee.