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Secret Vienna - entdecke das geheime Wien

Discover the hidden gems of Vienna with Secret Vienna. Because the Vienna, which hides behind the well-known sights, coffee houses and buildings is exciting, bizarre and fascinating at the same time.

With Secret Vienna, you will discover this forgotten beauty of hidden backyards, ancient writings and secret streets. You will learn about rare finds and vague facts of the city, look behind the scenes, get an impression of what Vienna's powerful men and women did under the door closed.

All our tour guides share the burning passion for Vienna and to pass this on to you. Look forward to tours like "The Dark Side of Vienna", "Secret Societies", "Powerful Women of Vienna", "The Myths and Truths of Wolfgang Mozart" but also to the dark hours of Vienna with "The secrets of a dictator - Hitler's Vienna".

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More coming soon..... for now it is still a secret