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More than just a conversation

Stephanie Rank 2016-10-23

Landtmann-perfect-group-foto© SpaceAndPlace-Profil

The Viennese coffee houses are not only world famous but have also always been a place where people meet, for a simple chat or a stimulating conversation. Together with a good coffee, tempting confectionery and fine food you can easily forget about the time.

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Demmers Tea

Stephanie Rank 2016-10-16


I am an huge tea lover by myself at any season.

Therefore I am so happy that Nadja Fanari of Demmers Teahouse will tell you in this blogpost more about this great company. Because in Vienna you not only get a good coffee but also particularly fine teas with a huge selection.

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A museum that is really hot

Stephanie Rank 2016-10-09


In Vienna autumn has arrived noticeably, but there are many things that you can do completely independent of the weather, for example, many exciting museums. Today I start with a museum that is pretty hot: Brennpunkt° - Museum of Heating Customs. More about it will now tell you Reinhard Indrak, the museum director.

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Andreas Novotny - a host more personal

Stephanie Rank 2016-10-02


Today I introduce you again one of our hosts: Andreas Novotny.

Whether you want to stay in the city center overlooking St. Stephen's Cathedral, in the trendy 7th district, or rather close to Schönbrunn Palace. He has for you the perfect apartment. And is already looking forward to sharing his passion for Vienna with you.

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Lisa Schrammel versatile as life itself

Stephanie Rank 2016-09-25

Lisa Schrammel eine vielseitige Schauspielerin

Theater, film, singing, dancing, piano and much more the young actress Lisa Schrammel brings with her. So that is why she will tell you today more about her life, why she loves her job and what makes Vienna so special for her.

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Clear the ring for Vienna!

Stephanie Rank 2016-09-17


One highlight replaces the other at the Rathausplatz and transforms Vienna into the town of acrobats, clowns and artists. Because after the Filmfestival now the Circus Roncalli stays in Vienna and this year it really has something special to celebrate: 40 years of circus arts.

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Boss of thousands humming employees

Stephanie Rank 2016-09-11


Michaels emplyees you have for sure already met in Vienna. Although they are most of the time discreet in the background, the work really hard and busy. From morning to night they work for you because what they produce ist not only very healthy but also very tasty. How it feels to be the boss of many thousand employees this tells you today Michael Drachsler personally.

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There will be a wine ...

Stephanie Rank 2016-09-04


... and we will no longer be there... .That is the refrain of a famous Viennese song, originally performed by the "Urwiener" par excellence, Hans Moser. But what does this have to do with today’s blogpost? Well now it is again the the time of the year which is quite interesting for wine lovers.

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The best directly "Vom Fass"

Stephanie Rank 2016-08-28

Vom-Fass1 - 360

Today I have a very practical and fine business for you, "Vom Fass" (from the barrel). Because here you get fine oils, vinegar, wine and much more bottled straight from the barrel, and can also take only very small amounts. This is especially handy if you are in Vienna only for a short time, like cooking by yourself in your apartment but do not want to carry lots of heavy bottles home from the supermarket.

But now, let the team introduce themselves and what makes the products "Vom Fass" so special.

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The Metropol - a cultural highlight in Hernals

Stephanie Rank 2016-08-21


Hernals is not only a very pleasant district to live, but it has a huge variety of offers, including much cultural things. A highlight is definitely the Metropol located near Elterleinplatz.

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Art meets architecture meets design - Rima Al Juburi

Stephanie Rank 2016-08-14


Today I present you again an extraordinary artist whose works not only combine design, architecture and art but who also builds a bridge between cultures: Rima Al Juburi.

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Viennese Restaurant Week – be guest at the best restaurants in Vienna

Stephanie Rank 2016-08-07


At the end of August, it is again the time of the year that the hearts of gourmets and food lovers will beat faster Vienna.

Why? Because then the Viennese Restaurant Week takes place again. And here you have the opportunity to try lots of the culinary highlights of Vienna.

More will now tell you Jessica Nemec from the organizer itself.

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The hottest farmer of Vienna

Stephanie Rank 2016-07-31

Chilihof Georg Kölbl

The header makes you curious right? Then, read on immediately, to find out who this hot man is, that is also known as Georg Kölbl. Because his passion can bring heat to you.

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An insider tip for toothache

Stephanie Rank 2016-07-24


Last week I promised you that I have today the ultimate insider tip for toothache for you today. And this has again something to do with St. Stephen’s Cathedral and a very special legend: the "Zahnweh-Herrgott" (Toothache-God)

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St Stephen’s Cathedral is still an unfinished work

Stephanie Rank 2016-07-17


Already as a child I loved legends and fairy tales and could listen for hours to my grandfather, he was the storyteller in the family, when he took me in these fairy worlds.

And in Vienna, there are many places that have their very own fairy tale, making many unexplainable meaningful.

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Guggi Hofbauer - laughing is healthy

Stephanie Rank 2016-07-10


Today it will be funny in the blog, because today you will get to know the cabaret artist Guggi Hofbauer. Guggi's programs are full of joy and are a guarantee for a cheerful, funny evening.

And you know, laughing is healthy, so do something for your health and enjoy the cabaret of Guggi.

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Cinema under the stars - Vienna makes it possible

Stephanie Rank 2016-07-03


Today's blog post is a must read for all film - and cinema lovers. Because now that the summer has arrived in Vienna, the warm evenings invite you to spend the time outside, also the season of open-air cinemas begins. Therefore, I have prepared a brief overview for you over the highlights of this year's summer cinemas for you.

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Beatrix Walkner - a host more personal

Stephanie Rank 2016-06-26


Today I introduce you to our long-time host Beatrix Walkner of the Appartements Augarten. Her apartments are right in the heart of the second district, just around the corner of the beautiful Augarten.

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Alles Seife - all natural, all vegan, all sustainable

Stephanie Rank 2016-06-19


Today's blog brings you into the realm of the senses, as it is all about soap. That soap is something very special and precious, about that will tell you Claudia Schneider, owner and founder of the soap manufatucre "Alles Seife" more.

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On tour with Sabrina - a personal review

Stephanie Rank 2016-06-12


In April Sabrina has already introduced herself here in the blog and also told a bit about their "I-do-it-differently" tours exploring Vienna. In the meantime, I have now taken part in two such tours and have now prepared a personal review for you.

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Masterpieces of Austrian art - the Leopold Museum

Stephanie Rank 2016-06-05


Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, Koloman Moser, Josef Hoffmann – well known names of world famous Austrian artists that make the start to today's blogpost. Because I will tell you more about the famous place in Vienna, where you can admire their and many other art works by Austrian and contemporary artists: the Leopold Museum.

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A place to linger, the Cafe Diglas in Schottenstift

Stephanie Rank 2016-05-29

Cafe Diglas im Schottenstift in Wien

I have promised you, that I will write you here in the blog also about my personal Vienna tips or favourite places. So I begin with it today and seduce you to coffee and sweets, something for which Vienna is world famous.

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Christian Wild - a host more personal

Stephanie Rank 2016-05-22


Christian Wild is today the first host of that you will get to know a bit closer. Because here in the blog there will not only be interesting stories from and about Vienna but also about the heart of our platform: your hosts. Those are the persons that prepare for you your home in Vienna.

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Felix Rank a passionate actor

Stephanie Rank 2016-05-11

Felix Rank - Schauspieler aus Wien

Today I present you in the series "Artists from Vienna" the young actor Felix Rank. Felix takes on many different roles for his profession but it is one that is particularly close to his heart: Viennese of passion.

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More ice cream for the summer season... part 2

1000 Things to do in Vienna 2016-05-01

Eissalon Leones

Marie Amenitsch & Luisa Lutter of have been busily researching for you to find even more of Vienna's best ice cream parlours. As colourful and marvelous as spring and summer are the same are the ice cream parlours that just wait to pamper you with the icy specialities.

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The ice cream season has started....part 1

1000 Things to do in Vienna 2016-04-22

Eis Veganista

Summer is coming soon and the first warm days already arrived in Vienna. So what is more obvious that having a look at ice cream? Right this Marie Amenitsch & Luisa Lutter of have done for you and researched all over Vienna. Part 2 by the way is coming soon.

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Sabrina makes it differently

Stephanie Rank 2016-04-15

Sabrina Haupt nachhaltige Touren durch Wien

Today I start with the first interview from the series "people in Vienna". The beginning now makes Sabrina Haupt from "Ich mach es anders". In the future you will read more about the topic of a sustainable life here by her. 

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Recently in the blog ....

Stephanie Rank 2016-03-28


With the relaunch of the website, we also decided to restart the blog that already existed on and fill it with fresh topics and formats. This I already announced you shortly in my first blog post.

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Your perfect day in the Vienna Woods

Stephanie Rank 2016-03-20


Spring is coming back to Vienna, so perfect for day trip to the surrounding of Vienna. What such a perfect day in the Vienna Woods region could look like, Julia Strasser from the Wienerwald Tourismus has for you today.

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The very special water in Vienna

Stephanie Rank 2016-02-25

Region Wienerwald

Vienna was this year again awarded by the international consulting company Mercer as the most livable city in the world, now for the 7th time. This is really a great result and personally I am more than happy about that as it shows that our beautiful city really offers you as a guest so much.

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Stephanie Rank 2016-01-29


Welcome at the blog of After the relaunch in mid January also the blog starts with fresh topics and in a new design. Look forward to fascinating topics, interesting reports and much more.

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