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Welcome to the blog of - Your specialist for Vienna. Do you want to get to know the real Vienna and its people, apart from the guidebooks, then you are in the right place here. Look forward to fascinating insights into Vienna, its people, art & culture and what it is that makes life worth living here.


Favoriten, the most populous district of Vienna is as far as the number of inhabitants concerned actually larger than Innsbruck, Salzburg and also Linz. Did you know that?

posted by: Astrid Schwarz

therme_wien_advent_2015_3(c)Cathrine Stukhard-Therme Wien2

Today I have a suggestion for you, when instead of cool, rainy weather you simply want warm water, wellness and relax time. How about on such a day with a visit to the spa?

posted by: Stephanie Rank

Hi, I am Sabrina Haupt and will give you here in the blog regularly more insights into the sustainable Vienna.

With my I do it differently tours (ich mach es anders-Touren) you can get to know new, sympathetic sides of Vienna and I have many insider tips for you in stock. There is so much to discover in every Grätzl (Viennese for you immediate neighbourhood).

So I am looking forward to introducing you here in the blog my Vienna tips.

Today I am starting right away with a very enjoyable side of Vienna.

posted by: Sabrina Haupt