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Welcome to the blog of - Your specialist for Vienna. Do you want to get to know the real Vienna and its people, apart from the guidebooks, then you are in the right place here. Look forward to fascinating insights into Vienna, its people, art & culture and what it is that makes life worth living here.

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Vienna is always worth a trip, regardless of the season. There is so much to see, experience and do in Vienna, a single visit is certainly not enough. So it pays off to plan the trip a bit. And if the next visit of Vienna is a little further away, then you now have more time to be inspired by this blog post.

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In the last blog post I wrote about the Rudolfina-Redoute, the masked ball in the Hofburg in Vienna, and also shortly introduced you to the head of the organisation Oliver Hödl. Today I tell you more about the man who organizes this fascinating ball.

posted by: Stephanie Rank

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The Viennese ball tradtion is known far beyond the national borders, indeed worldwide. Sounding names like opera ball, sugar bakery ball, philharmonic ball and countless more are cultural events in Vienna during the carnival time. However, one ball is very special among all the other balls in Vienna, as it is the last big masquerade ball in Vienna: the Rudolfina-Redoute.

I will tell you more about it today and also the chairman Oliver Hödl lets us look behind the scenes of this traditional, colorful and mysterious ball.

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Today follows the second part of highlights in Vienna. We start now in July, so directly in the summer time. And in summer too there are great festivals in Vienna that are a perfect combination to enjoy warm summer evenings with a great program. So, let's continue.

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Welcome to 2019. Have you spent the New Year well and started fulminantly into the new year? Also this year Vienna has a lot to offer, I have summarized some of the highlights here in the blog. So that you can start already with the travel planning. Part 2 of the highlights follows in 2 weeks.

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The preparations for this special night in early October have now been going on for some time. Because on the 6th of October the Long Night of Museums takes place for the 19th time. And also this year, as in the years before, you can look forward to a very special and long night.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


What is the difference between a forgery and a copy? Which thrilling detective stories can be told about famous, notorious counterfeiters like Han van Meegeren, Konrad Kujau, Edgar Mrugalla or Lothar Malskat? All this and much more you will find out in the Fälschermuseum Wien (Museum of Art fakes). Today, the founder Diana Grobe tells you more about it.

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Summer in Vienna is a very special time. Because in the coming weeks, a colorful, diverse offer is waiting for you. From open-air cinema, through outdoor festivals to holiday mood on the beach. And the offer is so large that it is enough for 2 blog articles. Today we start with cinemas, film, music and culture.

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Vienna is not only worth a visit for its warm-hearted people and rich culture. Its architecture and the typical style of furnishing, which reflects the sociability of the Viennese, deserves more than a glance.

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Did you immediately understand the title of the blog article? Is the language somewhat familiar for you but at the same time sounds a bit foreign? Or did you understand it right away? Translated it means: Welcome to the Esperanto Museum. How it came that Vienna became the center of the planned language Esperanto and even got its own museum, that's what Bernhard Tuider from the Esperanto Museum tells you today.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


From 22nd June to 24th June, the Danube Island Festival, Europe's largest open-air festival, will take place, this year for the 35th time. It all began in 1983 as a small family event, at that time as an attempt to establish an festival here. However, the number of visitors had already clearly exceeded expectations in the first year and thus the festival remained as an annual fixed date.

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Christmas and New Year's Eve are only a few days away, which you can already see and feel throughout the whole city. The Christmas markets are in full swing and well visited, the city is decorated colourful and countless events bring Christmas spirit to you.

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Well it feels like if summer was just over and now Christmas is fast approaching. You can already see that in the whole of Vienna, and this weekend also most of the Christmas markets open their doors.

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At the beginning of October, more precisely on Saturday 7th, it is again that time of the year. It will be a long night with an extensive program and this already for the 18th time.

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Vienna has many museums, well-known, lesser-known, small, big, bizarre and outlandish, so in short for everyone there is a museum that is interesting. For 4 of these museums, there is now a special ticket: the Viennese Museumsmelange.

posted by: Stephanie Rank