Welcome to the blog of - Your specialist for Vienna.

Welcome to the blog of - Your specialist for Vienna. Do you want to get to know the real Vienna and its people, apart from the guidebooks, then you are in the right place here. Look forward to fascinating insights into Vienna, its people, art & culture and what it is that makes life worth living here.


Summer holidays.

Radiant blue sky, scent of wood in the barn and grass that is freshly mown... the smell of roses, lavender and suncream …

This recipe for Vanilla Cream Cheese Dumplings (in German “Topfen-Obers-Nockerl”) with Raspberry Sauce is totally linked to my childhood memories of summer holidays in Burgenland.

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits


"Photography leads you to yourself. It is a key to people, places and possibilities."

For the photographer Pia Odorizzi, a photo is simply more than just a successful image of reality. Her great passion is architecture photography and she combines this with much emotion. In the interview she tells you more about herself and her very personal Vienna.

posted by: Stephanie Rank


Vienna has many museums, well-known, lesser-known, small, big, bizarre and outlandish, so in short for everyone there is a museum that is interesting. For 4 of these museums, there is now a special ticket: the Viennese Museumsmelange.

posted by: Stephanie Rank

Schönbrunn Palace is Austria's most popular tourist attraction and famous worldwide. Likewise, Vienna is known as city of music all over the world. How about combining both? Did you know that concert evenings in the Orangery in Schönbrunn Palace are being offered? Even in combination with fine food? No, then you have to read on.

posted by: Stephanie Rank

Zweitkleid7 - the somewhat different second hand shop I know now for some time and you will find here really a small shopping paradise which clearly stands out from other second hand shops.

You will find high quality, barely worn clothes, accessories and much more here. Martina the owner welcomes you in the "living room", that’s how I call the sales room, as it is so cozy that you feel like in a living room. And from her you also get the best advices.

But now she tells you more about her small but fine shop in the 7th district.

posted by: Sabrina Haupt

Vienna is a city with an infinite number of facets. Many of them you can see immediately as soon as you arrive in Vienna, some things you have to discover and some things are often (almost) unseen.

One of these shadows is the homelessness and this is what the Shades Tours look closer at. I recently met Perrine Schober, the initiator and leader of this unique initiative, and asked her to tell you more about Shades Tours.

posted by: Stephanie Rank

Last week you could already read a bit about me, Angelika. Maybe you also looked around my recipes or even tried one?

Here in the blog I will now spoil you with culinary insights into my kitchen and Viennese specialties. Cooking is my passion and I am so happy that I can share it with you. So now let's start with a real classic, the real Viennese apple strudel with self-made dough.

posted by: Angelika Kreitner-Beretits


Today it becomes again culinary in the blog, because today I introduce you to Angelika Kreitner-Beresits. She is a passionate food blogger and with her Vienna Sunday Kitchen you will not only get to know the great Austrian recipes but also the 89 year old grandmother of Angelika. Because she also plays a very important role in the blog.

And if you want now want to start with trying out the fine things, do not miss next week’s blog post as Angelika has a typical recipe from Austria prepared for you. Reading is strongly recommended.

By the way, Angelika is also the initiator of the Vienna Cooking Classes. But now she tells you more about all of this.

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Vienna has a lot to offer and the list of activities is endlessly long. But not only Vienna, but also the surrounding area is worth exploring, because there is quite a lot to discover.

Therefore I start today a new series of blog articles where I will introduce you beautiful excursions which you can make comfortably in one day from Vienna.

posted by: Stephanie Rank