Welcome to the blog of - Your specialist for Vienna.

Welcome to the blog of - Your specialist for Vienna. Do you want to get to know the real Vienna and its people, apart from the guidebooks, then you are in the right place here. Look forward to fascinating insights into Vienna, its people, art & culture and what it is that makes life worth living here.


As already announced last week, I have prepared part 2 of the overview what is going on in Vienna in the coming weeks. Today, the focus is on festivals, events, culinary and holiday feeling.

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Summer in Vienna is a very special time. Because in the coming weeks, a colorful, diverse offer is waiting for you. From open-air cinema, through outdoor festivals to holiday mood on the beach. And the offer is so large that it is enough for 2 blog articles. Today we start with cinemas, film, music and culture.

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The title already reveals the big question. It is raining and you want to do something with your child. Then read on, because Vienna has a lot to offer even in rainy weather, and not just for adults. Today I have put together a few inspirations and ideas for you, but there is a lot more, what you and your family can experience and do in Vienna.

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Secret Vienna - uncover the hidden gems of our beautiful city. Vienna has so much to offer apart from what you can find in the travel guide. There are so many secret sides and stories in this city. And with Secret Vienna you can uncover them. So today Sagi Silbershatz, CEO of Secret Vienna will tell you more about his company and its offer. And in addition, the team of Secret Vienna will share its insights with you here in the blog.

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Today I share with you the secrets of my Grandma’s super fluffy apricot jam roulade. A jam roulade is a very popular and traditional cake with spongecake dough. You might also know it under the name roly poly, sponge roll or jam roll.

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Vienna is not only worth a visit for its warm-hearted people and rich culture. Its architecture and the typical style of furnishing, which reflects the sociability of the Viennese, deserves more than a glance.

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Did you immediately understand the title of the blog article? Is the language somewhat familiar for you but at the same time sounds a bit foreign? Or did you understand it right away? Translated it means: Welcome to the Esperanto Museum. How it came that Vienna became the center of the planned language Esperanto and even got its own museum, that's what Bernhard Tuider from the Esperanto Museum tells you today.

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From 22nd June to 24th June, the Danube Island Festival, Europe's largest open-air festival, will take place, this year for the 35th time. It all began in 1983 as a small family event, at that time as an attempt to establish an festival here. However, the number of visitors had already clearly exceeded expectations in the first year and thus the festival remained as an annual fixed date.

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Honey from the city. What may sound a bit contradictory at the beginning, it is not at all, as Uli and Karl Heller from Honigstadt explain to me. Because in Vienna bees find a unique habitat.

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Vienna and its coffee houses are inseparable and famous throughout the world. So what is more obvious that there is a coffee museum in Vienna. Here you will learn everything about the history of the coffee house, the coffee and much, much more. About this Karl Schilling, coffee enthusiast and co-founder of the museum, will tell you more about.

posted by: Stephanie Rank