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How can I maintain the calendar via iCal?

You get to the iCal function at the menu item „Calendar“ on the left side in the green menu area „iCal import/export“.

To maintain your calendar with iCal please klick on the menu item and you get to the iCal menu. Here you see a list of all your apartments and next to them 3 green symbols.

Do you want to use the iCal link from another website to maintain your calendar, then please copy the link to the field provided next to the corresponding apartment. Afterwards click on "add new" to import your iCal. You also have the possibility to insert more iCal links, each one from other wesites, to keep your calendar up to date.

At the moment synchronisation is done every 3 hours. A manual update of the calender is in addition also possible.

The symbol rightmost deletes the iCal link if you have imported it from another website.

Only inquires that you get directly via and that were accepted by you or direct bookings you got via or manually blocked dates will be shown in the calendar next to the other availabilities coming via iCal.