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What are the guidelines for writing reviews?

After your stay in an apartment that you booked via you have the possibility to give the host a feedback writing a review about the apartment. Reviews have to comply with our criteria for a fair and constructive feedback:

Appropriate wording – Disrespects, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech, explicit sexual or racist language or other content that is offensive or contrary to common decency is not allowed

Personal experience - The review is based on your personal experience as a guest in the apartment
Ratings are only allowed for your personal experiences you made in the apartment. Gossip stories from third parties, quotations from other sources may not be content of the review. Reviews that have nothing to do with your booking process and the apartment are not allowed. Not allowed are therefore reviews written by the owner of the apartment, the landlord, family members of the owner or landlord, any employees of the owner or landlord

No advertising - not commercial - advertisments of any kind, URLs, contact addresses, phone numbers, or similar information that is written with commercial intent in the review is not allowed and will be removed by us or the review not published

Uniqueness - texts from other sources, text copies of web pages, extracts from the email correspondence, copies of other reviews, etc. are not allowed. Please write your review really unique.

Readability - please think about the readability of a text
Machine translated texts that are unreadable or hard to understand will not be accepted
HTML tags, excessive use of capital letters, slang, formatting errors, repeating text or typographical symbols are not allowed

There is a minimum number of characters for the text. Please really use it for real text and do not add unnecessary characters only to reach the minimum number.

Each review will be checked by our team according to these guidelines.

Therefore it may take up to 72 hours until your review will be released and is visible on We reserve the right to randomly ask you for a proof of your actual stay in the apartment.